30 Desember 2011 | 12:12 WIB | by Redaksi DuniaSoccer
My Love for Madrid is Forever

Danya Aisha Rivaldi (yo_danya) – I am a madridista, like so many others in this world. I am quite a new madridista to be exact. I fell in love with this prestigious team in the early 2011. I caught a glimpse of this fantastic goalkeeper named Iker Casillas in the 2010 World Cup when he captained the Spanish National Team. I was amazed with his fast reflexes and ability to stop a ball from going into that space between the two poles. Plus, he’s charming ;) . I soon learned that he is a part of Real Madrid and plays a very important role of goalkeeper and captain.

I admit that my sister plays a big part in my love for Real Madrid. She was the first to tell me what Real Madrid is and taught me to wake up very early in the morning to watch their amazing matches. If I am not mistaken, the first Real Madrid match I watched was Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad, just a regular La Liga match. After that match, I have tried to watch every one of their matches even when I have to stream it from the internet. Then I learned about other players like Pepe, Marcelo, Özil, etc. And from that moment on, I knew I was in love with this team, the best team in the world to lots of people. And I’ve been more in love ever since.

From loving Real Madrid, I learned to love football. I learned to understand the game better. I became familiar with the word offside, freekick, header, etc. I now understand why so many people love it and why it is the most popular sport in the world. And when I feel a little bit of melancholy, talking or reading or watching something about Real Madrid or football helps me get back to my feet and feel the joy again. It makes me smile sometimes and say “I cannot wait to watch the next match.” I know that someday, I will be on a plane to Madrid and watching some of their matches in the Bernabéu and taking a tour of this luxurious stadium.

I found out that Dua Kelinci signed a sponsorship deal with Real Madrid and I was hyped. I knew that this will give a lot of good advantages to Indonesian Madridistas. I knew that the chance of Real Madrid going to Indonesia is higher, too. I am also very proud that a company from my beloved country, Indonesia, is one of Real Madrid’s sponsor and I really hope that this will continue on for a long time.

So, thank you Real Madrid for giving me encouragements, giving me a reason to wake up very early in the morning, giving me things to talk about with my friends, and giving me something to be very proud of. I hope and I know that you will earn so many more titles because our journey doesn’t stop anywhere near here. It will continue on for a very, very long time. I know that when I am older, I will tell the generations below me about how great you are and I know you will be greater in the future.

It has been an amazing journey and it will continue on forever…

¡Hala Madrid! ¡Vamos El Real, hasta el final!

  • Maliki Al Mandari

    hala madrid

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